Final Part: The Dream Life Begins

A year has passed since Carl started with his new company. He is now the VP of Engineering.

Oh, what a difference a year can make when your destination is clear and have the right tools to help you.

Carl continues to work hard, but the strange thing is he feels more energized and enjoys what he does much more than his previous job.

His efforts have almost a ten times return. Carl chooses what he works on, selected the key members of his team and built an excellent relationship with the executive leadership.

8 Days, 7 Nights and 6 Spectacular Islands

Carl took the family on a Caribbean cruise, and they all had a blast. In a sense hitting several islands, all on one vacation felt like it made up for the many years homebound.

  • They flew to Puerto Rico, did some site seeing and boarded the cruise liner
  • Then they cruised to the beautiful island of Barbados with its sandy beaches, British feel, and good rum
  • Followed by the Spice Isle of Grenada- famous for numerous spices (like Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cloves), underwater sculptures and beaches 
  • Next up the Nature Isle of Dominica which boasts unadulterated rainforests, rivers, waterfalls and healing sulfur springs
  • On St. Maarten they roamed both the Dutch and French parts of the island and ate some of the best food of the entire cruise
  • And just before headed back to Puerto Rico a stop on St. Thomas in US Virgin Islands was perfect to just chill out on the beach

Spending that quality time with his wife and daughters before they head off to college was priceless.

Life Is Looking Good

Any financial uncertainty Carl and Sue had evaporated within the past twelve months. Thoughts of retirement are accompanied by excitement and spirited conversations, not anxiety and avoidance.

Carl is looking forward to more good times like he had on the cruise.

Sue could not be happier. She is Carl’s number one cheerleader.  Also, witnessing Carl’s rapid rise, Sue started copying some of  Carls new behaviors and it’s no surprise that her personal initiatives have blossomed as well.

The biggest lesson Carl learned through this process is that he is limited only by the size and quality of his vision.

  • Only when Carl got a clear mental picture of what he wanted to achieve and begun working on building up a clear compelling story in his head around that picture did he start to believe it was possible for him to attain his desires.
  • The excitement and confidence his magnificent mental obsession generated are what kept his hard work focused on the right actions and what resulted in ultimate success.

Carl used the same approach to improve his health and it is his principal tool for achieving all his goals.

And That, in essence, is the core of what I gave to Carl —I helped him open his mind’s eye to a different way of seeing himself and the world.

What about you?

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